Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

This program will introduce you to science of emotions. You'll find out what goes on in your brain when stressful emotions start to take you over and exactly what you need to do to regain control of your emotions. In addition, you'll learn how to handle emotions in others so you can cope well with difficult bosses, angry coworkers and customers who would normally try your patience.

Emotions are a double edged sword. They can get you in trouble but they are also what motivate and inspire you. Once you understand how to manage your emotions, they help you make decisions, help you communicate better, help you understand others better and help you understand yourself too. That's why learning emotional intelligence skills is so important. Join us for an enlightening 45-minute program that explains how to maximize these benefits and be a better person.


The Stress Profiler
A 100 question stress test.
Teach people how to deal difficult emotions.
Balancing Work and Family
Training PowerPoint on Work Life Balance
Thinking Through Stress: Cognitive Restructuring
Training on how to use the Cognitive Restructuring approach to reducing stress.
Journaling Away Stress Presentation
This 45-minute program will give you the tools you need to begin using a stress management journal