Well, Well, Well... DVD

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51 to 100$15.00 ea.

I appreciate the good work your company does for health and wellness at the worksite.
-Celine Cone
Wellness Coordinator
Daytona Beach, FL

A very helpful video.
-Don Coniski, EAP Coordinator
Alcan Aluminum
Oswego, NY

Well, Well, Well... DVD

Is it possible to create a comedy on the subject of wellness? It is if you've got three unhealthy characters like Jose, Latisha and Bill working for a company that sells health & wellness products. They've been given the assignment of organizing the annual company picnic.

Jose, whose diet is atrocious, is put in charge of the food. Bill, who has never exercised a day in his life, is put in charge of the activities and the "2.5 mile fun run." Latisha, who is so disorganized and stressed that she has trouble sleeping, is given the job of coordinating the whole event. Their bumbling attempts at tackling their ill-begotten assignments is a formula for comedy until a magical character named "Auntie B" appears on their computers and teaches them what they need to know about nutrition, exercise and stress management.


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