Teacher Bundle

Teacher Bundle

Manage stress levels, both inside and outside the classroom, with this bundle of products designed especially for teachers. Our Teacher Bundle contains some of our most effective products for assessing and managing stress, including our stress profilers, our most popular relaxation CD, and Biodots, which give instant biofeedback to let you monitor your stress levels throughout the day. The Teacher Bundle helps teachers manage their own stress levels, and also contains the tools needed to teach students about stress-management.

Each Teacher Bundle contains:

A Stress Profiler For Adults

This 16-page stress test tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and gives you expert advice on how to cope with your stress. The Stress Profiler helps you answers questions like: Why do I get angry over nothing? How can I reduce my worrying? How can I cope with all the changes in my life? How can I learn to manage my time better? Take this test to see where your stress levels are high, and start implementing strategies to reduce them right away.

A Stress Profiler for Students

The Stress Profiler is a stress test that lets the student know how he or she is doing in ten different areas of their life including school-stress, money problems, anger, time pressure, worry, stress symptoms, and more. If the student scores high in any one section, there is a corresponding article in the second half of the assessment that gives him or her lots of practical advice and useful tips for how to cope better with that particular area of stress.

The Stress Profiler takes about 20 minutes to complete. After taking the test, the student can easily determine the total score, produce a graph of the results and check these results against an advice column and select an action plan for reducing stress based on his or her own score. Thus the advice is tailored to the student's own needs.

Teachers can use this stress management test for health classes, or as an assignment to do at home. It is completely self-explanatory, and requires no supervision.

The Day Away From Stress CD

Drop this disc in your CD player (or download it to your IPod) and in minutes you'll be experiencing slower breathing rate, heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and most importantly less stress. Tracks include five relaxation exercises, plus soothing music designed to play at each point of the day (daybreak, morning, afternoon, etc.). Choose your favorite for a quick stress break for you or for your students, or play the entire CD for a full day of relaxation.

25 Biodots

People love Biodot Skin Thermometers . They're fun and they really work. Peel the biodots off the sheet and wear them on the back of your hand to determine who or what is causing you stress. See if you can use relaxation techniques to make the dots change color. Use the biodots to see where stress is occurring throughout your day, or give them to your class as a way to teach your students about the causes of stress. Because the biodots stay on your hand for up to 24 hours, this is a perfect homework assignment for you or your students.

Why You Need The Teacher Bundle

As an educator, you know that your students experience and show the effects of stress every day. You see it in their behavior, their attention spans, and their test scores. It benefits you, as well as your students, to learn and practice stress-management techniques. With stress-management strategies, the classroom can become a place where stress levels are lower, learning is better and the teachers as are happy as their students. The Teacher Bundle provides you with the tools to achieve this goal. Order one today!


A tiny skin thermometer that measures stress.
A Day Away From Stress CD
Our best selling relaxation-CD