The Stress Profiler Student Version

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An excellent resource for students.
-Carol Dugan
Fundy High School
St. George, Canada

Raises awareness about stress.
-Dawn Belko
North Hennepin Community College
Brooklyn Park, MN

An impressive stress assessment for students.
-Nicole Bevacqua, Health Educator
Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY

The Stress Profiler Student Version

Updated and Revised for 2016!

The Stress Profiler is a stress test that lets the student know how he or she is doing in ten different areas of their life including school-stress, money problems, anger, time pressure, worry, stress symptoms, and more. If the student scores high in any one section, there is a corresponding article in the second half of the assessment that gives him or her lots of practical advice and useful tips for how to cope better with that particular area of stress.

The Stress Profiler takes about 20 minutes to complete. After taking the test, the student can easily determine the total score, produce a graph of the results and check these results against an advice column and select an action plan for reducing stress based on his or her own score. Thus the advice is tailored to the student's own needs.

Teachers can use this stress management test for health classes, or as an assignment to do at home. It is completely self-explanatory, and requires no supervision.

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