Stress balls

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An inexpensive way to get our name out there and raise awareness about stress.
-Rehabilitation Services
Shawano Medical Center

Makes a great gift.
-Majorie Parrish
Washington County Health Dept.

Stress balls

Stress balls (stress relievers) are a great way to put your message in the hands of your clients. They are fun to play with and do provide a pleasant distraction whenever you are feeling tense. Stress balls and stress relievers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our standard stress balls come in the shape of a ball, a star, a heart and a soccer ball.

The star is yellow, the heart is red and the soccer ball is black and white. The stress ball can be in blue, red, purple, pink, white, green, black or yellow (see colors below). You can order the balls in one color, two colors or even all colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What's the difference between the "cheap stress balls" and the higher priced versions?

ANSWER: If you didn't have a higher priced ball in your hand at the same time to compare it to, you probably wouldn't know the difference between the cheaper ball and the more expensive one. But if you did, you'd see the discount stress ball is not as shiny and as a result, the colors of the discount balls are not as intense. If you know about paint, it's kind of like the difference between high gloss paint (more expensive ball) and a low gloss, satin finish (the discount ball). The logos show up a little bit better on the high quality balls too. Feel free to request a sample to see the difference for yourself.

QUESTION: Can I order just a few without my logo on it?

ANSWER:Yes we can ship you any quantity under the minimum order quantity as long as you don't need your logo printed on them.

QUESTION: What do I do about artwork?

ANSWER:Artwork for these balls should be minimal. The space you have to work with is about one and 1/2 inch in diameter (see below). The trouble is, sometimes the type gets distorted by the shape of the ball, which is why, when it comes to stress ball art: less is more.Email your artwork to and we'll mail you back a proof that shows you how the artwork will look on the ball when you get it back. After your approval we'll go ahead and print it. We can help you create rounded type. $50 set up fee.


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