Stress Balls with Stress Sensors

1 to 299$-1.99 ea.
300 to 799$-1.89 ea.
800 to 1199$-1.75 ea.
1200 to 2599$-1.55 ea.
2600 to 5000$-1.29 ea.

I use these to promote our rehab programs at back to school nights.
-John Longo, Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Borough of Roselle Park
Roselle Park, NJ

Stress Balls with Stress Sensors

Want to know if you’re stressed? Squeeze our new stress ball and you can find out. Each one has a heat-sensitive stress sensor right on the ball. The heat sensitive material changes colors to indicate your level of stress. Great for health promotion programs like smoking cessation classes: Sensor helps you get to know your triggers and keeps your hands busy doing something else. Customizable in quantities of 300 or more. Choose blue, green red lavender, orange, pink, black or yellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How do the Stress Balls with Stress Sensors work?

ANSWER:These stress balls come with a heat sensitive spot on the ball that changes color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense. Works like a stress testing card. Black means you're stressed. Brown means you're tense. Green means you're calm and blue means you're completely relaxed.

QUESTION: Can I order just a few without my logo on it?

ANSWER:Yes we can ship you any quantity under the minimum order quantity as long as you don't need your logo printed on them.

QUESTION: What do I do about artwork?

ANSWER:Artwork for these balls should be minimal. The space you have to work with is about one and 1/2 inch in diameter (see below). The trouble is, sometimes the type gets distorted by the shape of the ball, which is why, when it comes to stress ball art: less is more.Email your artwork to and we'll mail you back a proof that shows you how the artwork will look on the ball when you get it back. After your approval we'll go ahead and print it. We can help you create rounded type. $50 set up fee.


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