1 to 149$2.99 ea.
150 to 299$2.55 ea.
300 to 599$2.49 ea.
600 to 1199$2.40 ea.
1200 to 2500$2.35 ea.

Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress and walking is one of the best ways to exercise. Its a heart-healthy activity that burns calories, improves mood and anyone can do it. And nothing encourages people to walk more than a pedometer. Watch what happens when you start a walking program and begin handing out pedometers at your organization. Make your employees or clients aware of the importance of walking 10,000 steps a day and you’ll see a lot of healthy changes going on. We’ve got a variety of pedometers to choose from at every price point. All three pedometers are reasonably priced, will fit in the palm of your hand, count steps, can be easily reset and clip conveniently to your belt or waistband. If you find a lower price for these pedometers we’ll be happy to match it.


Stress Testing Cards
Wallet-sized card lets you know if your stressed.
Stress balls
A squeezable ball that can be customized with your logo.
Discount Stress Balls
A squeezable ball or heart that can be customized with your logo.