1 to 199$0.00 ea.
200 to 399$2.40 ea.
400 to 599$2.10 ea.
600 to 1199$0.00 ea.
1200 to 2500$1.85 ea.

A unique gift with our name on it that everyone really appreciated.
-Shelly Peltier
PHS Indian Health Services


Massage is probably the most appreciated and most underrated method for reducing stress. By reducing muscle tension massage can really make a big difference in how you feel and consequently how you interact with other people. This acrylic massager is surprisingly effective, given how simple it is. The minute you feel the sensation of this massager across your back, you’ll see what we mean. In almost no time at all you’ll have forgotten why you even needed the massager in the first place. And of course, it makes a great gift. Can be customized with your name and logo. If you find a lower advertised price for this massager we will be happy to match it.


Stress Testing Cards
Wallet-sized card lets you know if your stressed.
Stress balls
A squeezable ball that can be customized with your logo.
A great promotional gift that counts steps and gets people walking