Stress and Smoking Cessation

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We ordered these for a smoking cessation class.
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Members First Credit Union
Midland, MI

Stress and Smoking Cessation

The number 1 reason why people relapse back into smoking is stress. Unfortunately, many smokers have learned to manage their stress by lighting up. So when they are trying to quit they have to learn how to manage their stress in other ways. The problem is nicotine withdrawal makes them feel stressed also. This subtle but powerful force keeps people stuck in a vicious cycle that makes it almost impossible to quit. This trifold brochure helps people understand this phenomenon and is filled with practical suggestions for how to overcome it and change the behaviors that promote addiction.

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Preventing Stress Related Disease
Recognize the early warning signs of stress.
Balancing the Stress in Your Life
Tips on how to achieve work life balance.
Brochure Display Rack
Rack for holding six different trifold brochures.
Quitting for Life
32-page workbook teaches smokers how to quit.