Balancing the Stress in Your Life

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Packed with lots of information.
-Linda Keating, Mgr.
American Dental Association
Chicago, IL

A very readable trifold brochure filled with helpful information about stress.
-Rev. Lynn Burgess, Pastoral Care
Mendota Mental Health Institute
Madison, WI

It's tricky finding wellness materials that are appropriate for both faculty and staff but your products do the job. Thank you.
-Linda Newbury, Health Promotion
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

Balancing the Stress in Your Life

Most people are torn between their commitment to work and their commitment to family. Your happiness depends on how well you can balance the conflict between the two. This trifold brochure looks at organizing your values as a way of helping you determine your priorities when these conflicts arise. Provides numerous simple tips for creating a more balanced lifestyle.

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Brochure Display Rack
Rack for holding six different trifold brochures.
Balancing The Stress of Life DVD
Watch three characters try to achieve work-life balance