The Stress Profiler

1$8.00 ea.
2 to 5$6.95 ea.
6 to 10$5.50 ea.
11 to 20$5.00 ea.
21 to 30$4.50 ea.
31 to 50$3.50 ea.
51 to 99$3.00 ea.
100 to 199$2.50 ea.
200 to 499$1.99 ea.
500 to 999$1.75 ea.
1000 to 2500$1.50 ea.

We handed this out to all 7,000 employees at NASA.
-Helen Shoemaker
The Kennedy Space Center
Cape Caneveral, FL

An effective and easy to use tool. It helps our employees understand their stress levels without a lot of psychobabble. You teach people in layman's terms. Excellent!
-Dr. Robert Lynn
Piscataway, NJ

We really like this stress assessment.
-Joe Vollmer
Coors Brewing
Golden, CO

We ordered 2000 so we could give one out to every single employee in the hospital.
-Harriet Walters, Corporate Communications
Women's Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA

With the ten separate mini tests, this assessment has been a good tool to figure out where our client's anger is coming from.
-Craig Reed, Prevention Education
Marine Corps Base
Camp Lejuene, NC

The Stress Profiler

This 16-page stress test tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and even gives you advice on how to cope with your stress. The Stress Profiler helps you answers questions like: Why do I get angry over nothing? How can I reduce my worrying? How can I cope with all the changes in my life? How can I learn to manage my time better?

The Stress Profiler gives you ten “mini tests” on your financial stress, anger coping skills, your ability to handle time pressure, worry, stress symptoms and more. If you happen to score high in any one section, there is a corresponding article in the second half of the assessment that gives you lots of practical advice and useful tips for how to cope better with that particular area of stress.

The Stress Profiler takes about 15 minutes to complete online and 20 minutes to complete offline. After taking the test, you can easily determine the total score, produce a graph of the results and you can create a customized action plan based on your own score. Thus the advice is tailored to your own needs. Trainers can use this stress management test during a stress management seminar, or as a takeaway to finish at home. It is completely self-explanatory, and requires no supervision.

NASA bought one of these stress management tests for every single employee at the Kennedy Space Center. Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Continental Health Promotion have purchased thousands of copies of this stress management test, also.

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Please read about the Validation Study performed on the Stress Profiler.


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