The Laughing at Stress Booklet

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We ordered these for the Employee Wellness Program at the University.
-Phil Garver, School of Health and Wellness
Southern Adventist University
Collegedale, TN

The Laughing at Stress Booklet

A simple eight-page booklet on how to use laughter to manage stress written by humorist and PBS star, Loretta LaRoche. Loretta likes to say that “Stress is funny!” And “a wet towel on the bed is NOT the same as a mugging.” Loretta helps you change your perspective on stress by helping you see your stress in a whole new light. For example, she writes about how her mother never allowed her to sit on the “good sofa” or go into the “clean room” or use “the good china.”

“We had to sit on the old sofa, in the dirty room and use the chipped china,” she recalls, laughing. “But if a perfect stranger came over to visit, my mother would say ‘Fine you can go in the clean room, you can sit on the good sofa and please use the good china!’” With this kind of wit and wisdom, Loretta carefully illustrates how finding the humor in life and especially in stressful situations helps to defuse anger, reduce tension and lower frustration. This booklet shows you how to incorporate more humor, fun and play into in your life and how to use humor in the workplace. Also includes a laughter test, exercises and useful information about the therapeutic benefits of humor.

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