Trauma Survival & PTSD Prevention Guide

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Trauma Survival & PTSD Prevention Guide

Traumatic events are everywhere. Terrorism, rape, violence, combat, physical abuse, even serious car accidents constitute a traumatic event. Whether a person witnesses the event or experiences it first hand, 8% to 20% can wind up with a full blown case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Our new product, The Trauma and PTSD Survival Guide gives therapists, trainers and wellness personnel a simple, yet effective tool that can be used to educate those people who have faced trauma or are likely to encounter trauma in their line of work.

With over 50 useful stress management tips for handling stress and trauma, it addresses commonly asked questions, like: When do I see a therapist? Why do I feel so jittery? Why can’t I stop thinking about the event?

Developed with the help of the US Army, this simple, elegant, give-away provides a useful starting point for a discussion of PTSD, while avoiding some of the stigma attached to this growing mental health problem. Used by The Army, The FBI, Police departments and trauma centers, nationwide.

Ten cards (roughly the size of playing cards) with an inspiring nature photograph and quotation on the front and five tips on the back. Each card covers a different aspect of dealing with trauma. For example: Preventing a Relapse, When Should I Seek Help? How Would my Condition be Treated?


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