Just Relax CD

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Working in an environment like corrections is stressful not only for the inmate population but for staff as well. And your products have proven to be very useful.
-Mark Castonguay
Hampden County Sheriff's Department
Ludlow, MA

A very relaxing CD.
-Julie Lesage, Education
Rock Island Arsenal Army Installation
Rock Island Arsenal, IL

Just Relax CD

People often ask, what is the main difference between Just Relax and your other relaxation CDs? The answer is: classical music. This relaxation CD features some of the most beloved classical adagios (slow movements) in all of classical music including works by Bach, Dvorak, Mahler and Satie. As always, this relaxing music is mixed with five different spoken exercises that harness the power of the mind to elicit the relaxation response.

As Stuart McCalley, M.D., explains in the opening narration of Just Relax, “we all take about 17,000 breaths a day and rarely give it a second thought.” In this relaxation CD you learn to breathe consciously, thus lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and stress. If you like listening to classical music and you want to lower your stress levels, JUST RELAX is the CD for you.

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