Relaxation & Recovery CD

1 to 4$16.00 ea.
5 to 19$7.95 ea.
20 to 49$5.95 ea.
50 to 99$4.95 ea.
100 to 249$3.95 ea.
250 to 499$3.50 ea.
500 to 999$3.25 ea.
1000 to 2000$2.99 ea.

We bought 550 copies for everyone on the faculty of the University.
-Linda Newbury, Health Promotion
Michigan State Univ.
East Lansing, MI

Relaxation & Recovery helps me create a peaceful atmosphere in which my clients can forget about their fast-paced lives.
-Lois Fornaso
Licensed Massage Therapist
Valatie, NY

Relaxation & Recovery CD

Relax, take control and unwind. Slow your breathing rate, your heart rate and banish distracting thoughts. Pop this 60-minute disc in your CD player or download it to your Ipod and you’ll attain a deep state of relaxation within minutes. Composer Chris Theriault knows how to write relaxing music. It’s all he does. And as a result, his music is heard in thousands of hospitals and his CD’s have been used by the military, corporate wellness departments, and in healthcare organizations for helping people reduce stress. Perfect for personal relaxation, integrative medicine programs or as a gift or incentive for any health promotion campaign.

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