Coastal Rhythms CD

1 to 4$16.00 ea.
5 to 19$7.95 ea.
20 to 49$5.95 ea.
50 to 99$4.95 ea.
100 to 249$3.95 ea.
250 to 499$3.50 ea.
500 to 999$3.25 ea.
1000 to 2000$2.99 ea.

We sell this CD in a rack of other CDs at our hospital wellness center.
-Mimi Belser, Manager
Mind Body Wellness Center, Kaiser Hospital
Santa Clara, CA

Good for all age groups.
-Ruth Brown
The Children's Institute
Pittsburgh, PA

Coastal Rhythms CD

Feel uplifted, inspired and joyful when you listen to this remarkable CD originally commissioned for a special exhibit at the Boston Aquarium. Chris Theriault and Jim Corrigan write music that is both soothing and captivating. These two composers create a unique orchestral blanket of sound that will comfort you like a warm quilt on a cold winter’s night. This music is layered with an array of environmental sounds from waves lapping up on a sandy beach to the sound of seagulls plaintively crying out in the distance. Listen and relax while you lower heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure and neutralize negative emotions.

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