Calm as the Night CD

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We use this as an incentive to get people to sign up for a wellness program. It was one of the most popular incentives we've used.
-Dorthy Yeager
Yeager and Assoc.
Emporia, KS

Very relaxing.
-Janet Strobel
Dept. of Education
Oakland Gardens, NY

Calm as the Night CD

Over fifteen years ago, Tami Briggs began playing her harp for patients at a nearby hospital. She and the attending nurses were always surprised by how often patients would fall asleep listening to her soothing melodies (including patients who were in chronic pain). Over the course of several years, Tami discovered the particular songs and arrangements that seemed to work best in helping patients sleep better. This CD, is the result of what she learned. As Tami says, “I would see patients in pain begin to focus on the music. This would often lead them into a meditative state which, in turn, would naturally coax them into sleep.” If you have trouble sleeping, try this CD. You won’t be disappointed.

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