Short Circuiting Stress DVD

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A remarkably clear and useful self-help video.
-Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Author of numerous books on Cognitive Therapy

An excellent video we really like it a lot. Just the right amount of information for people to grasp.
-Patsy Minner, Integrated Health Services
Dupont Corp.
Wilmington, DE

We have used this video in our Cancer Resource Room at Mass General for some time and find it particularly helpful.
-Kristin Jagodynski, Learning Center
Mass General Hospital
Boston, MA

Your video is very easy to watch & understand - appropriate for all levels of staff.
-Phyllis Spriggs, Coord. Education
Muskogee Regional Medical Center
Muskogee, OK

Physicians should consider purchasing copies of this video to lend or prescribe to patients.
-The Journal of Family Practice

quality of the program is very high and the message extremely significant.
-P.D. Hollett, Training Mgr.
Patrick Air Force Base, FL

I found the quality of the Short Circuiting Stress and A Day Away From Stress to be outstanding and I believe we get a lot of use out of them in both our high stress-high utilizer programs and cardiac education on stress.
-Alex Kronstadt, Ph.D, Dept. of Psychiatry
The Permanente Medical Group
Oakland, CA

We bought six copies.
-Dan Fallon
Cigna Behavioral Health
Hartford, CT

Short Circuiting Stress DVD

This program uses scenes from the Jimmy Stewart movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” to help people understand how their thinking causes them to feel stressed. While entertaining your audience with scenes from this classic film, Short Circuiting Stress also explains the fundamentals of cognitive restructuring (AKA: reframing) and the now famous equation of psychologist and author Dr. Albert Ellis, A+B=C. The Activating event plus Belief = the Consequence.

Most people believe that A=C. That a stressful event (A: like a flat tire) causes them to feel upset or stressed (C). They never realize that their thoughts and beliefs at B ALWAYS come between what happens to them (A) and how they take it (C). After watching this video your audiences will thoroughly understand the role that that thoughts and beliefs play in creating stress and as a result, will never see a stressful event in the same way again.

Recently updated, this DVD elegantly explains the A+B=C equation and then illustrates five simple (cognitive) methods for putting it into practice including: Always put your stress in perspective, Find the good in a bad situation, shifting your focus from the problem to the solution, and Eliminating negative self-talk. Hosted by Robert Eliot, M.D. who has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and Good Morning America and is also the author of several books on stress. Dr. Eliot is also credited with coining the phrase: “don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.”

"Puts the ABC theory of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in simple dramatic form and shows how it can be used by anyone to reduce stress and anxiety. A remarkably clear and useful self-help DVD." Albert Ellis, Ph.D., President, Albert Ellis Institute, New York City Author of: How To Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You.


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