Balancing The Stress of Life DVD

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Working in an environment like corrections is stressful not only for the inmate population but for staff as well. And your products have proven to be very useful.
-Mark Castonguay
Hampden County Sheriff's Department
Ludlow, MA

We like all your videos.
-Christine Kucharski, Media Librarian
SUNY Health Science Center
Syracuse, NY

Balancing The Stress of Life DVD

In a series of dramatic vignettes, a single woman, a divorced Dad, a working mom all deal with the problems that arise while trying to balance the conflicts between work and family. In the course of this 17-minute video these three characters cope with such work-life balance issues as bad bosses, health problems, sick children, communication problems, commutation problems and onerous deadlines.

With "excellent acting" (Training Media Review), and well-timed advice from an off-screen narrator, four simple cognitive techniques for reducing stress are presented as a solution to the problems confronting the three on-screen characters. Comes packaged with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible handouts and everything you need to put on your own one hour presentation on work-life balance.


Balancing the Stress in Your Life
Tips on how to achieve work life balance.
Job Stress
1-hour presentation on handling job stress.
Keeping Your Stress In Balance
20 1- page reproducible handouts about work-life balance.