Saving For Stress DVD

1$49.00 ea.
2 to 5$35.00 ea.
6 to 10$29.00 ea.
11 to 25$19.00 ea.
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51 to 100$15.00 ea.

A truly wonderful video.
-Lisa Johnson, Training Coord.
Roche Biomedical Labs
Burlington, NC

These are the best videos on stress I've ever seen and I've been doing stress management for over ten years.
-Bruce Colburn, Ph.D., Psychology Dept.
Riverside Center for Psychiatric Services
Newport News, VA

I highly recommend this film.
-Elizabeth Kirshling, Director of Nursing
S.E. General Hospital
Lumberton, NC

This video is a great addition to our smoking cessation programs.
-Chrishelle Harris-Stipe, Tobacco
American Lung Association

We put this up on our Patient Education Channel.
-Kevin Dowell, Patient Education
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Saving For Stress DVD

Imagine what would happen if stress cost money. (You can't find your car keys that’ll cost you $50. You miss an important deadline that’ll cost you $100.). Now imagine what would happen if you could open a savings account and offset these costs by exercising, meditating, or even listening to relaxing music. Well that's the premise of "Saving for Stress."

Most of us are constantly withdrawing and never saving. By using the metaphor of money, this DVD makes it easy for people to see the cumulative benefit of practicing stress management every day and building your resiliency skills over time.


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