Stress, Weight Control and Emotional Eating DVD

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I really enjoyed watching both Recognizing Stress and the program on Emotional Eating. Our trainers in the field plan to use the videos as a marketing tool when they go out to meet prospective clients.
-Norman Moore, Federal Employee Program
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Roanoke, VA

I especially liked the emotional eating program, because I haven't found anything else out there on this topic.
-Maureen Mullin, Case Management Specialist
Virginia Beach Public Schools
Virginia Beach, VA

Stress, Weight Control and Emotional Eating DVD

Is stress fattening?

Over-eating can cause you to feel stressed and stress can cause you to over-eat. It's a vicious cycle that, if left un-checked, can eventually lead to all kinds of health problems including, insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. But by recognizing emotional eating for what it is (a misguided attempt to nurture ourselves and manage stress) and by learning how to truly nurture ourselves - we can begin to modify our habitual pattern of heading to the kitchen after any emotional upset. This video offers seven strategies for how to avoid emotional eating including: keeping a mood/food journal, using rewards other than food and eating and cooking mindfully.

*Purchase this video as one of a five-part series and save $200. When you buy Recognizing Stress, Managing Stress, Resilience, Stress and Emotional Eating and Yoga@Work all at one time, you'll save $200 Call for details.


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