A Day Away From Stress DVD

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A Day Away From Stress and Just Relax are just what we are looking for. Thank you for your high quality programs and exceptional customer service.
-Peggy Eggers, Healing Arts Network
Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center
Denver, CO

These videos (Just Relax and A Day Away From Stress) contain not only beautiful photography and music, but also helpful relaxation techniques well suited to the acutely ill patient.
-Sue Edwards, RNC, Patient Education
Hendrick Medical Center
Abilene, TX

A Day Away From Stress DVD

What makes this relaxation program so different from other “relaxation videos” is the way it combines four powerful elements - all proven to lower stress - into one great program. These four elements are: Beautiful images of nature, relaxing (slow tempo) music, lush environmental sounds and five guided relaxation exercises narrated by Stuart McCalley, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine. These exercises include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, scanning and deep relaxation (ten to one countdown). While you watch scenes of waterfalls, meadows, sunsets and beaches you’ll hear the sound of babbling brooks, birds, crickets, waves, seagulls and soothing music.

Beautiful scenes of nature, soothing music, lush environmental sounds and five proven relaxation techniques will leave you, your patients, your clients or your employees feeling relaxed, at ease, and easier to get along with. Our best-selling relaxation DVD ever. This program is used over closed-circuit TV in thousands of hospitals, nationwide. If you prefer to watch with no guided narration, you can do that too. A Day Away From Stress repeats a second time (in its entirety) with just music and no narration.


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