The Relaxation DVD

Price: $149.00

Thank you for allowing us to put your relaxation videos on our CCTV digital system.
-Julie Bradford, Patient Education Spec.
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

I commend you on your program.
-Norman Cousins, Author
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of relaxation opportunities. I especially like the pairing of the visual element with the audio to fully engage the participant.
-Gail Cecil, Stress Management Program
Kaiser Permanente
San Diego, CA

An unaffected, exceptionally soothing-voiced narrator coaxes viewers to put their tensions aside in this effective self-help guide to relaxation.

The Relaxation DVD

When we first created this program we jokingly suggested that a doctor could “prescribe” it for stress. Now that the program has been used in hospital settings for years, we can actually report that this program has not only been prescribed for patients with stress, but doctors have also recommended it for back pain, nausea, headaches, anxiety, depression and even to help control the side effects of chemotherapy. It’s been used pre-op, post op and even during operations like brain surgery If you want to learn a variety of effective relaxation techniques, this video is the one to choose.

Exercises include point by point relaxation, autogenic phrases and living in the moment. Or, if you prefer to watch with no guided narration, you can do that too. The Relaxation DVD repeats a second time (in its entirety) with just music and no narration.


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