The Perfect Day DVD

Price: $149.00

We wanted a beautiful relaxation DVD with no narration for our CCTV channel. This program was exactly what we were looking for.
-Carole Legro, Health Education & Wellness
Lowell General Hospital
Lowell, MA

My 11-year old son and I both love The Perfect Day. It helps him fall asleep. This has worked much better than the audio programs I've tried.
-Jessica Leonhard, Human Resources
Goshen General Hospital
Goshen, IN

The Perfect Day DVD

No one has been making relaxation videos longer than we have. We made our first one in 1984. Over the years the effectiveness of our tapes has been studied by major universities (like Columbia University) and used by the finest medical institutions in the US like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Columbia-Cornell Medical Center.

Now we've created THE PERFECT DAY with exquisite nature cinematography by James Porter and relaxing music by Chris Theriault. For those of you who have been requesting a relaxation DVD with no narration, consider this your wish granted.

You know those picture perfect days in the spring, fall and summer where you wish you could spend the entire day outside luxuriating in the warm sun? Now try to imagine one of those days, condensed into 60 minutes of the most picturesque video that you will ever see (unless you’ve purchased other videos in this series). In addition to hearing all the sights and sounds of this perfect day, you’ll experience a soothing music track by one of our favorite composers, Chris Theriault.


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