Autumn Journal DVD

Price: $149.00

Beautiful filmmaking of nature. Perfect for our relaxation channel. We love all your products.
-Carole Legro, Health Education & Wellness
Lowell General Hospital
Lowell, MA

Autumn Journal DVD

Imagine you are sitting comfortably on a rocky peak of an Adirondack Mountain. The woods are to your back and a panoramic view stretches out in front of you, as far as you can see. You notice a slight breeze. A mountain stream flows by you to the right and a bird lands on a nearby branch to your left, sharing its quiet little song before flying on to the next perch. It’s the perfect autumn day. And to top it off, you’ve got the perfect musical soundtrack to accompany this magnificent view in front of you. Now you know just part of what you’ll experience when you watch Autumn Journal.


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