The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery

Price: $399.00

I think this is a wonderful program and would love to purchase it.
-Ruth Hague, Manager EAP Program
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products
Skillman, NJ

The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery is terrific. I believe your materials are the best stress management tools in the business.
-Trish Kocialski, Faculty Wellness Coord.
Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY

Your product is certainly of high quality and quite accurately reflects our philosophy as regards to stress.
-Arnie Turnquist, Training Specialist
Betty Ford Center
Rancho Mirrage, CA

This seminar package is great!
-Marty Reed, Wellness Coordinator
St. Mary Hospital
Manhattan Kansas

Well produced and easy to follow.
-Michele Goldshmidt, Health Education Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente
Rockville, MD

Everything you need to put on a stress management seminar.
-Suzie Murphy, Motiva Wellness
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Richardson, TX

This product made it easy to put on a stress management program.
-Naomi Gaskins, Training Procurement
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC

The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery

Everything you need to begin teach up to four programs on stress management. Each module stands on its own and can be presented singly or as part of a series. Each module covers a different aspect of stress management from introductory information about the fight or flight response to more advanced information about cognitive restructuring.

With the Seven Steps program, employees and patients learn how to:

  • Defuse a stressful situation
  • Avoid burnout
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Work better under pressure
  • Stop stress within the mind

7 Steps to Stress Mastery is broken down into 4 basic modules:

  • Module One tells your audience what stress is and why they need to manage it.
  • Module Two demonstrates seven physical techniques for erasing stress, such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, exercise and biofeedback.
  • Module Three explains five mental techniques for short-circuiting stress such as avoiding the blame and eliminating negative self talk.
  • Module Four teaches people how to make stress management and time management a habit.

Total package includes:

  • 3 Ring Binder with text, outline and overhead transparencies for 4 sessions
  • Reproducible handouts: 11 articles and stress tests designed to be photocopied
  • 2 Videos: Saving for Stress (15 min.) and A Day Away From Stress (11min).
  • 100 Biodots
  • 1 CD: Just Relax


  • Easy to learn right out of the box
  • Completely modular – Four one-hour sessions can be presented singly or as part of a series
  • Makes a great lunch and learn series
  • Great for a community education program
  • No background in stress needed to put on a training.
  • No need to buy additional materials
  • A great value! Over $400 worth of training materials if purchased separately.


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