Laughing At Stress Training Kit

Price: $199.00

The Loretta LaRoche materials were well received as our colleagues really appreciated the time to de-stress through humor and funny props like the glasses and clown noses.
-Jessica Leonhard, Human Resources
Goshen Hospital
Goshen, IN

Laughing At Stress Training Kit

This comprehensive kit gives you everything you need to put on a one hour seminar on managing stress through the use of humor. Loretta LaRoche teaches audiences how to replace stress with joy. They’ll learn how to laugh at themselves, appreciate each moment and begin to see the humor in stressful situations.

Loretta loves to point out the irrational ways that we all react to stress. “You are a joke—but you just don’t get it.” “A wet towel left on a bed is NOT the same as a mugging!” With quips like these and amusing anecdotes about herself and her upbringing she gets her audience laughing and keeps them laughing.

This is one training video your clientele will not only remember -- but really enjoy! Loretta’s extensive knowledge of cognitive restructuring is ingeniously interwoven into her funny monologues and reinforced with five simple steps your audience will easily remember and use over and over whenever they encounter stress.


  • A memorable and fun hour… A real audience-pleaser.
  • Includes a 22 minute DVD with Loretta LaRoche
  • Lots of helpful information on cognitive restructuring
  • Information derived from the new field of positive psychology
  • Comes with leader’s guide and a participant’s guide
  • Complete "fun-kit" which includes Groucho funny-nose and glasses
  • Makes a great "Lunch and Learn" series

You don’t have to be funny to make the audience laugh... Loretta gets the laughs for you.


Laughing at Stress Kit
A fun giveaway with 40 useful stress management tips.
The Laughing at Stress Booklet
How to lower stress with humor.
The ABCs of Cognitive Restructuring
20 handouts about thinking and stress.