Stress, Humor, Burnout & Balance

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I love the Stress, Humor, Burnout and Balance series of reproducible handouts. I use them here at the hospital and when I go out and do community education as well.
-Jessica Leonhard, Human Resources
Goshen Hospital
Goshen, IN

A very useful set of handouts. I really like the fact that I get make as many copies as I like.
-Susan Predmore, Recruitment Coordinator
Mercy Hospital
Tiffen, OH

I hand them out to my patients after a session. It costs me almost nothing to do and it's very helpful if we've just been discussing something they want to know more about like cognitive restructuring, meditation, deep breathing or any of the other 100 topics covered in the packet of reproducible pages.
-Beth Townsend, LCSW
Carolina Piedmont Associates
Winston Salem, NC

Stress, Humor, Burnout & Balance

Includes over 100 articles on stress, humor burnout and balance. These fully reproducible* articles are packaged in a handy 3-ring binder.

You get every article from all five packages in our series of reproducible handouts:

  • Keeping Your Stress in Balance
  • The ABC's of Cognitive Restructuring
  • Job Stress and Burnout
  • Humor at Work
  • Stopping Anger and Violence at Work

Topics include, Reframing, negative self-talk, balancing work and family, women & stress, the health benefits of humor, overcoming anger with humor, the five stages of burnout, how to express anger, and many, many more.

The articles and illustrations in this booklet are one page, easy-to-read articles designed to be photocopied, in essence making your copies look like originals.


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