Humor At Work

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Humor At Work

Most people don’t realize what a powerful stress management technique humor in the workplace can be. Humor can resolve conflicts, lower tension, build team spirit, and make for a more pleasant working environment.

This fully reproducible series of articles reveals the secrets of using humor at work. Includes articles on The Health Benefits of Laughter, Hints for Using Humor, Overcoming Anger with Humor and a Humor Self Test as well as 16 more.

The articles and illustrations in this booklet are all one-page easy-to-read articles designed to be photocopied, in essence making your copies look like originals.


Laughing at Stress Kit
A fun giveaway with 40 useful stress management tips.
The Laughing at Stress Booklet
How to lower stress with humor.
Laughing At Stress DVD
PBS star, Loretta LaRoche, teaches you how to see the humor in life.
Laughing Matters DVD
A DVD on using humor to relieve stress
Stress, Humor, Burnout & Balance
100 reproducible articles on stress, humor, burnout and worklife balance.