The ABCs of Cognitive Restructuring

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The ABCs of Cognitive Restructuring

Cognitive restructuring is a very powerful tool for managing stress. In a nut shell, it puts people in control of their stress by showing them how their thoughts about a stressful event, not the event itself is often the true source of their distress.

People cling to the notion that stress is beyond their control. It takes a lot of convincing to help them realize how their thinking plays into the equation and how they have the power to control their thinking.

Dr. Albert Ellis, one of the founders of cognitive therapy came up with a simple way of illustrating how cognitive restructuring works that’s as easy to remember as ABC. A stands for the activating event. B stands for your belief. And C stands for the consequence of A+B. A stressful trigger like a flat tire is A. Your Belief about this flat tire might be, “Why does this stuff always happen to me? This is the worst possible thing that could have happened.” And as the result of A+B you feel stressed! So the consequence of A+B is that you feel frustrated, annoyed, angry.

In fully reproducible 1-page articles, you’ll learn the difference between mental and physical stress management techniques, Albert Ellis’s famous equation A+B=C, reframing, D for disputing and the crucial difference between cognitive restructuring and positive thinking.

The articles and illustrations in this booklet are all one page, easy to read articles designed to be photocopied, in essence making your copies look like originals.


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