Biodot Poster

Price: $5.00

The poster is the way to go.
-Steve Spires, Human Resources
City of Ocala
Ocala, FL

A great way to explain what the colors mean.
-Diana Scott, Wellness
City of Plano
Richardson, TX

Biodot Poster

Get one of these posters so everyone can see exactly what the biodot colors mean. Great for handing out biodots in bulk. Just refer your clients to the poster and they will quickly learn what the colors mean in terms of their stress levels. Use the 8 ½ x 11” poster for table top displays and the 11 x 14” poster for classrooms.


A tiny skin thermometer that measures stress.
2 Dot Biodot Cards
Biodots make an inexpensive handout at health fairs, seminars and meetings.
Biodot Pocket Guide
5 biodots plus instruction on how to use them. Includes stress management tips, too.
Stress Testing Cards
Wallet-sized card lets you know if your stressed.