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We like all your products. The GSR 2 was easy to use.
-Suzie Murphy, Motiva Wellness
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Richardson, TX

A great way to raise awareness about stress.
-Steve Spires, Human Resources
City of Ocala
Ocala, FL


Ever noticed how cold and clammy your hands get when you are nervous? Well the GSR2 is essentially measuring this by monitoring the conductivity of the surface of your skin. And it does this at a level of sensitivity you’d never begin to notice if you weren’t using this device.

In fact, the GSR2 is probably the first biofeedback device, sophisticated enough to be used in hospitals and biofeedback centers yet affordable enough to be purchased by the average consumer. Rest your fingers on the two metal plates and the GSR2 will give you feedback about what’s going on inside your body. The GSR2 emits a pitch, which rises or falls depending on whether you are relaxing or getting tense.

Harness the power of the mind

With practice you’ll learn to make this pitch actually disappear, as you teach yourself how to relax more and more deeply. But if someone were to merely say to you, “I’m going to ask you an embarrassing question,” without even asking the question, the pitch would immediately go up and become audible again. This illustrates the power of the mind to create stress. And what the GSR2 does is help your mind and body to cooperate and zero in on one goal: deep relaxation.

If you practice meditation on a regular basis, you probably don’t need a biofeedback device like the GSR2 to achieve a meditative (or relaxed) state. But if you (or your clients) are confused about what a meditative state really is, and how you go about achieving it, this device teaches you what to do to get there and lets you know when you’ve arrived. Most people don’t have any concept of how to activate their parasympathetic nervous system, AKA, the relaxation response. The GSR2 shows you how.

Optional Software

Now you can hook your GSR2 device up to your PC or laptop. Your stress levels will be graphed right before your eyes in real time. Watch the line go up as you think about what bothers you and you can watch it go down as you take in a couple of deep breaths. Comes with other options too: try to maintain your composure while you play a version of packman that is designed to frustrate you. See pictures in the right column. This software package is an exceptional value, and elevates what you can do with your GSR2 to a whole new level.


A tiny skin thermometer that measures stress.
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