Pain CD

Price: $17.98

This is an excellent CD!
-Coleen Naylor, Wholistic Nurse
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center
Camden, NJ

Great for people with chronic pain.
-Veronica Costa, EAP Wellness Coord.
City of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Pain CD

Reduce pain by elevating serotonin levels; teaching relaxation skills; refocusing the mind; encouraging feelings of love; affirmations.

Once you hear the soothing voice and guided imagery of Belleruth Naparstek, not to mention the gorgeous music on all her CDs, you'll understand why she has become such a nationally recognized name in the field of guided imagery and why her CDs are in such demand. Belleruth stimulates your imagination with a powerful but nuanced voice and with words carefully chosen to promote wellness, relaxation and a specific medical objective depending on which CD you choose.

As you listen in the comfort of your own room, you’ll find yourself entering a safe world where you can begin to use your mind to heal the body of traumas, pain and suffering that may have been following you around for weeks, months or even years. There’s no one else who has been doing guided imagery for as long or as successfully as Belleruth.

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