Biodot Cards

1 to 9$15.00 ea.
10 to 50$11.90 ea.
Biodot Cards

People love biodots and the color code cards that come with them. Biodots allow you to monitor your stress while it’s actually happening and these color code cards explain exactly what the colors mean. The color code cards not only explain what the colors mean they tell you how the biodot works, where to place it on the back of your hand and what you use it to lower your stress. There are three simple stress management technique outlined on the back of each card.

These cards can be customized with your name and logo.


A tiny skin thermometer that measures stress.
Biodot Pocket Guide
5 biodots plus instruction on how to use them. Includes stress management tips, too.
Stress Testing Cards
Wallet-sized card lets you know if your stressed.