Stress At Work Stress Test

Instructions: Read each statement and decide how you feel about it based on the choices to the right of the question. Ponts are awarded as follows: Strongly Agree: 1; Moderately Agree: 2; Moderately Disagree: 3; Strongly Disagree: 4;

Question:Your Response:
1.My workplace is safe, comfortable and free of unnecessary hazards.
2.I have a manageable workload.
3.I rarely have to work overtime unless I choose to.
4.I am able to attend to personal and family matters when I need to.
5.I am able to get the training and resources I need to do my job well.
6.My supervisor and I get along well.
7.My job demands and expectations are well defined.
8.Promotions and raises are handled fairly.
9.Staff meetings are usually productive.
10.My supervisor gives me reasonable deadlines for the completion of my work.
Your Total Score:

What Your Result Means:

You probably have low levels of stress at work. You probably have a job in a company that really respects it’s workers.

You have less stress at work than most, but there are a few things that could be better: This may be a situation where just working on your coping skills, for example, getting exercise on a daily basis, may be all you need to fine tune your situation.

You are still experiencing less stress at work than the average working person but you might want to look at balancing levels of responsibility with levels of control.

You are experiencing more stress at work than average but you are still in the manageable range. If there are certain aspects of your job that you really love, then it’s probably worth addressing your stress from the standpoint of improving your coping skills through regular exercise, a meditation or yoga practice and/or other relaxing activities like a hot bath, a massage, or simply listening to good music. If you don’t have aspects of this job you love then by all means look for another job. Look for employers who offer worker friendly benefits like telecommuting options, flex time, and family leave. It’s often the key to finding less stressful working environments.

Unless you really love this job it’s time to send out your resume.

Don’t even think about it. Change jobs now.

Help Now

What can I do to help me manage stress at work right now?

  1. Exercise. Engage in vigorous exercise every morning before you go to work. If that’s not possible, take a walk at lunch. If that’s not possible, get a pedometer and find a way to walk 10,000 steps a day at your job.
  2. Balance control and responsibility. If you feel like your job entails a lot of responsibility but not a lot of control look for ways to put these two forces in balance. Tell your boss, I don’t mind doing this task (for example, restocking the supply cabinet), but I need to be in control of when and how it should be done. (If your boss says you can only order so much or makes you wait to get permission to place an order - then blames you for running out—that’s an example of control and responsibility getting out of balance.)
  3. Check your values. Sometimes your company may have a different set of values than you do. Imagine a vegetarian working in a meat packing plant and you’ll know what we are talking about here. If your company’s values don’t match yours, you’ll experience stress at work. Maybe you don’t agree with certain business practices your company takes for granted. If there’s a mismatch, it’s time to change jobs.
  4. Change bosses. If you believe you have a difficult supervisor, check and compare with several coworkers and several friends first, and if your boss comes out last, go to HR and ask for a transfer to a different department.
  5. Change jobs. Remember the vast majority of stress at work is caused by unfriendly and or unsafe working conditions. If you are working in a hostile or unsafe environment with poor lighting, unrealistic deadlines, unrelenting time pressure, forced overtime, poor benefit packages, and/or a difficult boss think about how much time you’ll spend at work in the course of your lifetime. Probably over 60,000 hours! Then send out your resume.

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