What Customers Are Saying About Us

"I was a patient in my own hospital and I saw your videos for the first time. They were marvelous. They really worked. They really helped me relax and I want my own copies for use at home."
Carol Schaffer, CEO
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Health Care Ventures
Cleveland, OH

"You’re doing great work and someday the world will catch up with your (our) understanding of stress as being a vital component of health."
David Sobel, MD, Author and Medical Director
Regional Health Education
Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Oakland, CA

"I commend you on The Relaxation Tape."
Norman Cousins, Author of Anatomy of an Illness
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

"SHORT CIRCUITING STRESS is a remarkably clear and useful self-help video."
Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Author of numerous books on Cognitive Therapy

"We handed THE STRESS PROFILER out to all 7,000 employees at NASA."
Helen Shoemaker
The Kennedy Space Center

"Your material is incredibly impressive and you have obviously done a superb job."
Brian Tracy
Author, Motivational Speaker
Brian Tracy International

"A Day Away From Stress sets the gold standard for video meditation."
Belleruth Naperstek
Health Journeys
Akron, OH

"When I was feeling stressed, I used the CD of A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS again. Once again it did the trick. I was hooked."
Ladies Home Journal

"You are obviously doing good work."
Jon Kabat Zinn

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"We liked the CD of A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS so much we gave away over 5000 copies."
Carole Passadin, Health Promotion
New York, NY

"The Gastroenterology Department at the Mayo Clinic would like to use the abbreviated version of A DAY AWAY FROM stress as a relaxation tool for pre-procedure patients in all our waiting areas."
Teresa Kubas, RD
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

"I feel AudioVision/StressStop’s tapes are a very good source of learning relaxation skills through the beauty of the scenery, the music and the relaxation techniques that are presented."
Janet Newsome, Coord. CCTV
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Quick Stress Tips

Allow Extra Time

Time pressure is a major source of stress. Next time you snap at the kids, feel stressed in a traffic jam or get chewed out by your boss, look below the surface. Time pressure is often the culprit. To counteract this stressor, build in extra time for everything that you do: For kids who dawdle, for traffic that gets tied up and for assignments that often take longer than you think. When you take this simple advice to heart you'll be amazed at how much stress you'll avoid.

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