Stress Management Training Webinars

Each month we will be rebroadcasting one of our training webinars from the Stress Management Training Series. Click on the Watch This Webinar image to view the presentation.

Stress Management Training Webinars


Emotional Intelligence
This train-the-trainer program will introduce you to science of emotions. You'll find out what goes on in your brain when stressful emotions start to take you over and exactly what you need to do to regain control of your emotions, too. In addition, you'll learn how to handle emotions in others so you can cope well with difficult bosses, angry coworkers and customers who would normally try your patience.

Emotions are a double edged sword. They can get you in trouble but they are also what motivate and inspire you. Once you understand how to manage your emotions, they help you make decisions, help you communicate better, help you understand others better and help you understand yourself too. That's why learning emotional intelligence skills is so important. Join us for an enlightening 45-minute program that explains how to maximize these benefits and be a better person, too.


How to Manage Stress Through Journaling
Most people never take the time to connect the dots between their sources of stress and their symptoms of stress. There's a tremendous benefit derived from doing this over several weeks that you'll never understand, until you try it. You put together patterns and see recurring sources of stress that, once identified, you can simply eliminate from your life. This 45-minute program will give you the tools you need to begin using a stress management journal as a powerful ally against, anxiety, tension, mood shifts and the difficult people and situations in your life that cause them. (This seminar goes with our workbook: The Stress Management Journal)


Mindfulness @ Work
Find out why mindfulness is being heralded as the new answer to stress. If you're like most people, you go through life mindlessly: your attention is split in too many directions. Mindfulness teaches you how to turn your full attention in ONE direction. And when you do this, you'll see that the benefits include working more efficiently, feeling less distracted, feeling more content and getting along better with your peers. Join us for an eye-opening 45-minute seminar that will introduce you to the simple pleasures of living life more in the present moment.


Thinking Through Stress: Cognitive Restructuring
Most people blame events and circumstances for their unhappiness never realizing that it's their thoughts about these events and circumstances that is often the true source of their distress. When we say things to ourselves like: I have the world's worst boss, or this traffic jam is going to take forever or I'll never get this assignment done, we don't realize the added burden we're placing on ourselves with our overly negative thinking. Reversing this tendency with a technique called cognitive restructuring helps people short-circuit stressful emotions like anger, frustration and anxiety. To quote a recent article in The New York Times: "The one workplace stress-reduction technique that seems to outperform all other is cognitive restructuring." Join us for an informative 45 minute (train-the-trainer) seminar that will forever change the way you think about stress.


Balancing Work and Family
According to the American Psychological Association, fewer than one third of Americans like the way their employer helps them balance work and family conflicts and more than two thirds of Americans feel that their stress levels are "unhealthy." And not surprisingly: work is one of the most often cited causes of stress.

This train-the-trainer program covers a variety of techniques for achieving work-life balance including a unique approach to time management, (being more effective, by doing less) to mindfulness, (using concentration to achieve "flow" at work) to stress outlets, (why people don't give themselves permission to relax) to stressful thinking habits, (how people create stress) and how to keep your most important values in sync with your work and family goals. If you think you've heard this all before, prepare to be surprised. This seminar is practical, interesting, thought-provoking and informative. Join us for 45 minutes that will change the way you teach stress management for the better.

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Quick Stress Tips

Take a Shower at the End of the Day Instead of the Beginning

It feels great, it helps you relax, you don't have to rush through it and (we promise) you won't get dirty over night. When you flip flop this activity around it will free up an extra 20-30 minutes in the morning when you need it most.

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