Resilient Soldier Stress Survival Kit

Choose either CD, A Day Away From Stress or Overcoming Insomnia and we'll seal it in a poly bag with The Stress Profiler Military Edition, the Mini Stress Survival kit and stress testing card help soldiers cope with stress and prevent PTSD. The digital bundle includes both audio sets, and the workbook as a pdf.


About the Included Products

The Military Stress Profiler
This 16-page stress test, designed specifically for the military, tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life. Each of the ten tests is tied to a corresponding article in the back of the workbook if your score indicates you need help in that particular area.  These articles help you answer questions like: Why do I get angry over nothing? How can I reduce worry and fear? How can I cope with all the challenges in my life? How can I learn to cope with trauma? And how can I stay resilient? The Stress Profiler takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. After taking the test, you can easily determine your total score, produce a graph of the results, and create a customized action plan.

A Day Away From Stress
Play our all- time best-selling relaxation audio and in minutes you’ll be experiencing slower breathing rate, heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension, and most importantly less stress! A Day Away From Stress features five easy relaxation exercises, narrated by Stuart McCalley, M.D., over a backdrop of soothing music. Randolph AFB won a best practice award when they put this CD in their deployment kits. The Community Counseling Center at Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base ordered 10,000 copies of this CD for distribution to anyone on base.

Overcoming Insomnia Military Version
The director of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program at the Army Base at Ft. Dix personally asked Jim Porter to create this CD to help soldiers get a better night’s sleep.  So that’s exactly what he did. Stuart McCalley, M.D., head of the Yale New Haven Hospital Sleep Disorder Center narrates. Part 1 explains the basics of sleep hygiene and how to get a good night’s sleep; Part 2 guides the listener into a deep state of relaxation so they can fall asleep easily.

Mini Stress Survival Kit
The Mini Stress Survival Kit features over 50 practical suggestions for reducing stress paired with beautiful nature photography and inspiring quotes. The cards are packed in a handy envelope for easy storage, making them the perfect inexpensive giveaway that promotes good mental health. Inspiring to look at, simple to read with advice that is easy to follow, these cards will surely be a hit for your troops.

Stress Testing Card
Fun and informative, just like a plastic credit card, our stress card goes neatly in your pocket or wallet. The heat sensitive material on the front of the card changes color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense.


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