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Wellness Works

This well-researched, medically accurate, easy-to-use leader’s guide gives you everything you need to start teaching people about wellness right out of the box. You won’t have to spend a minute putting together a PowerPoint presentation, looking for the appropriate handouts, or worrying if you’re “expert” enough to talk about health. With this package, everything you need, including two entertaining 15 minute videos. Within days of receiving this package, you’ll be able to start teaching nutrition, wellness and stress management. Wellness Works includes a session on diet, exercise, stress management and an overview session that combines these three topics into one (which can be used alone or as a review session at the end of the course). Help people start feeling better today, by giving them hundreds of tips, useful handouts and practical information they can really use to improve their health immediately.

Each PowerPoint program below is one hour long and can be presented singly or as part of a series. 

Part I: Eating Well: Nutrition

This program downplays dieting and shows your audiences how to eat right all the time: by counting calories, limiting portions and eating the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Also covers the value of fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, trans fats and five helpful tips for reading a nutrition label.

Part II: Thinking Well: Stress Management

This part shows people how to manage stress mentally. By revealing the stressful thinking patterns we all engage in like blaming, doubting, awfulizing, and all-or-nothing thinking, this program helps your clientele avoid inertia, indecision, and anxiety. With simple coping strategies like avoiding negative self-talk, disputing irrational thoughts, and taking control this course helps people cope better with common stressful emotions such as anger, depression and frustration.

Part III: Moving Well: Exercise

Built around the well-documented idea that 1/2 hour per day of light exercise (even divided into three short 10-minute blocks) provides almost the same cardiovascular benefit as a more rigorous program. Light exercise includes walking the dog, dancing, bowling, gardening and vacuuming. Now there’s no excuse NOT to exercise and this program states that message loud and clear. Also covers flexibility training, resistance training and six relaxation techniques.

Part IV: Living Well: Wellness

A condensed 1-hour version of the above three topics all rolled into one. Can be used as a review (of the above three programs) or as an introduction to the topic of wellness. Also covers the use of social support and unconditional acceptance for achieving one’s health-related goals.

Total Package Includes:


  • 3 Ring binder. Includes complete text, outline and hard copy of your presentation.
  • 1 PowerPoint CD with four one-hour presentations.
  • 17 Reproducible Handouts. Articles about exercise, stress, nutrition and wellness designed to be photocopied.
  • 2 training videos, Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance, and Stress, Weight Control, and Emotional Eating.
  • 1 Fat and Calorie Counter Booklet. Calorie and fat counts for over 600 different food items.
  • The Calorie Calendar, and The Stress Calendar. A handy guide for keeping track of calories consumed and stress experienced. Reproducible; make as many copies as you wish.
  • 25 Biodot Pocket Guides. An eight-paneled pocket guide with five biodots.

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Don Coniski
training kits

We have purchased every training kit you've created and found them to be very helpful for putting on Stress and Wellness programs in house. You do all the work for us.

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