Stress Management, Well-being and Self-Care

Each seasonal themed box is packed with self-care items like candles, aromatherapy, bath and spa products along with motivational and educational information. Themes and products change seasonally.

The Gift of Relaxation is a perfect gift for your mom, your daughter, your sister, your best friend, or yourself!

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Learn how to make lasting changes to live a longer, happier life. Invest in your mental well-being – your peace of mind is a gift more precious than gold.

Curated by Stress Management Experts

The Gift of Relaxation Seasonal Boxes

Items featured are part of annual subscription, Seasonal Box may vary.

This seasonal care package is curated by the wellness and stress management experts at StressStop. StressStop has been providing stress reduction and resilience-building solutions for over 30 years in hospitals, government agencies, universities, and military bases around the world. Now they are sharing the knowledge with you! Each care package item is chosen with care to provide you with the tools you need to find inner peace.

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The Gift of Relaxation Men's Box

When it comes to selfcare, men don’t always know where to start so we made it easy. 

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Spring 2021

Physical self-care is the theme for The Gift of Relaxation Spring Box!
Managing stress, eating a healthy diet, and exercising all work hand-in-hand to help you live well and feel your best. The Gift of Relaxation gives you the tools to get you started down that road and keep you motivated!

Spring Box

Summer 2021

Mindfulness and Meditation is the theme for The Gift of Relaxation Summer Box 2021.

The Summer Box includes a Mindfulness Coloring Book, colored pencils, Mindfulness Brain Training Puzzles Cards, Aroma Dough Therapy Dough - De-Stress, Stress Be Gone Candle, Stress Buster Shower Burst with sachet, Today I Will Not Stress Wishlet,  Meditation Feedback Card and the pamphlet that describes each item with practices and tips. 

Summer 2021

I LOVE this box. It was full of things I will actually use. Everything was easy to use and there was a card explaining each item. I am totally looking forward to my next box!

Mary Groebner

Cute! Nice assortment and very cute and relaxing!

Amanda G