Laughing at Stress

Let PBS star, Loretta LaRoche, teach you how to replace stress with joy. You'll learn how to laugh at yourself, appreciate the joy in each moment, and begin to see the humor in stressful situations. Loretta's uncanny ability to point out the irrational ways that people react to stress will get your audience laughing and keep them laughing while they learn about the therapeutic power of humor.


This program is specifically designed with the workplace in mind. If you want to put on a program that’s fun, playful and a little different and still teaches people usable strategies for lowering stress, choose this DVD (or the more comprehensive LAUGHING AT STRESS training kit.) Loretta's extensive knowledge of cognitive restructuring (i.e., changing your perception of stress) is ingeniously interwoven into her funny monologues and reinforced with five simple techniques that help your audiences put this advice into practice. 



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