The Stress Free Diet

Stress affects dieting in many ways.

Stress plays a major role in weight gain. It affects the food choices we make, how hungry we are, how often we eat and even where on our bodies we gain weight. Stress also plays a role in dieting. According to behavioral-change expert, Dr. James Prochaska, the #1 reason why people relapse back into their old [over-eating] behaviors is stress. So if you want to lose weight and keep it off, it’s important not only to learn how to manage stress, but to learn how stress affects the whole process of behavioral change.

The Stress Free Diet is about making permanent lifestyle changes.

This program takes a new, stress-free approach, with no off-limit foods and no calorie restrictions. It simply encourages people to make permanent changes in their lifestyle that eventually lead them back to their natural weight. Practical suggestions for achieving this goal include, reducing liquid calories, (Sodas, alcoholic beverages and other soft drinks account for 22% of the total calorie intake in the average American diet!) understanding and taking control of emotional eating, balancing the calories burned with the calories consumed, keeping a mood/food journal, engaging in 30 minutes of light exercise and performing 5 minutes of strength-training each day.

How does the Stress Free Diet work when other diets don’t?

Remember, most diets don’t work. 80% of the weight dieters lose, they put back on within one year. Many experts now believe that dieting may eventually lead to weight gain. Don’t contribute to this madness by introducing yet another weight-loss program that doesn’t work. The Stress Free Diet is NOT about deprivation strategies. It’s about using information (education) to create lifestyle changes that people will want to adopt, permanently. For example, eliminating just one can of coke everyday would result in a loss of 15 pounds over one year. Just one less pat of butter equals five pound loss! When simple changes like this become permanent the long term benefits are astounding.

Information is power. Share this information with your audience and they will be empowered too.


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