About Jim Porter

James E. Porter is president of StressStop.com, a company that has been providing stress management and resilience training and training materials to corporations, hospitals, government agencies and military bases for over 30 years. Mr. Porter is the author and creator of many of these materials which include dozens of workbooks, training videos and CD's, hundreds of articles, and a weekly blog on stress management. 

His work has been reviewed and/or reported on in major news outlets including Good Morning America, Ladies Home Journal, The Associated Press, WCBS-TV News and The NY Daily News as well as in medical journals including The Journal of Family Practice, The Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and The Journal of Biomedical Communications. He has appeared on THE CBS MORNING NEWS and his articles on stress have been republished by Forbes, Medical Daily, Apple News, and Inc.

His book, STOP STRESS THIS MINUTE, published by WELCOA, has sold over 100,000 copies, including 6000 copies to the Mayo Clinic. It won the Silver Award from the National Health Information Awards. Mr. Porter’s video programs have been used in thousands of hospitals nationwide, including The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic and at the Mind/Body Clinic in Boston, Mass. His workbook, The Stress Profiler, has sold over 400,000 copies.

Mr. Porter has also presented stress management seminars onsite for Time, Inc, Glaxo Smith Kline, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Department of Homeland Security, The FBI, The CIA, The American Heart Association, Yale New Haven Hospital, and The International Stress Management Association. He has also been a keynote speaker and/or breakout presenter for WELCOA, WELLCOM, National Wellness, The NAVY, and the ARMY. He is a Fellow of The American Institute of Stress.


Publications (writer, director, producer)


  • STOP STRESS THIS MINUTE 140 Page Book on Stress Published By Welcoa   2016


Articles (published online)



  • THE STRESS PROFILER 16 page Workbook/Assessment, StressStop.com, Revised Version 2016
  • THE STRESS MANAGEMENT JOURNAL 32 page Workbook  StressStop.com, Revised 2016


Training Kits

  • The 6 Steps to Stress Prevention (6-hour certification course) Welcoa Institute, 2016
  • WELLNESS WORKS 4-HOUR Training Manual on Stress, Diet & Exercise StressStop.com 2005
  • THE ABC’S OF COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING 3-HOUR Training kit on rational thinking, StressStop.com 2007
  • THE SEVEN STEPS TO STRESS MASTERY 4-Hour training manual on managing stress, StressStop.com 2013
  • THE STRESS FREE DIET 1-Hour Training Manual on stress and diet StressStop.com 2006
  • MANAGING ANGER 1-hour Training Manual on anger management, StressStop.com 2005
  • MINDFULNESS AN INTRODUCTION 1-hour training manual on mindfulness StressStop.com 2008
  • JOB STRESS AND BURNOUT, 2-hour training manual on occupational stress & burnout, StressStop.com 2004
  • LAUGHING AT STRESS 1-Hour training manual on humor and stress, StressStop.com 2001



  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 3 Training videos with Dan Goleman, Ph.D StressStop.com 2011
  • STRESS 5 Training videos with David Katz, M.D., StressStop.com 2008
  • RELAXING THROUGH THE SEASONS with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. StressStop.com 1997
  • LAUGHING AT STRESS with Loretta LaRoche, Use of humor and stress StressStop.com 2001
  • SHORT CIRCUITING STRESS with Dr. Robert Eliot, on cognitive restructuring, StressStop.com 1997
  • WELL, WELL, WELL, comedy on corporate wellness promotion, StressStop.com 2000
  • METABOLIC SYNDROME, with Bill Gaertner, M.D., An introduction, StressStop.com 2011
  • BALANCING THE STRESS OF LIFE, About Work-life balance StressStop.com 1999
  • THE RELAXATION CHANNEL, 10 hours of Relaxation Programming for Hospital CC-TV StressStop.com 2012



  • A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS, relaxation CD with Dr. Stuart McCalley StressStop.com 1997
  • OVERCOMMING STRESS-RELATED INSOMNIA, relaxation CD with Dr. Stuart McCalley, M.D., StressStop.com 2010
  • EMOTIONAL EATING with Dr. Ed Abramson , StressStop.com 2005
  • RELAXATION THROUGH THE SEASONS, with Dr. Joan Borysenko, StressStop.com 1997
  • JUST RELAX, with Dr. Stuart McCalley, StressStop.com 1995
  • RELAXATION AND RECOVERY, relaxing music, StressStop.com 2005


Blog (Monthly)

  • On www.StressStop.com since 2005
  • Huffington Post 2013-2017 



BA Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

MALS Wesleyan University