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Stress Management and Mental Well-being Training

Help your employees start the day off right. This 30-minute yoga class will leave them feeling relaxed, energized and inspired. Right for all levels. Jim also brings his broad-based knowledge of stress management, resilience and mindfulness to every class.

Mindful Movement with Jim

For a limited time, we are offering free Mindful Movement- Yoga classes now till January 2023!

Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office now you can offer them these 30-minute exercise classes twice a week.
Here’s a way to help the employees in your organization who are working remotely, and would like to do a simple mindful movement workout in the morning, two days a week. What is mindful movement? It's Yoga for everyone: No fancy terminology, no long classes, no spiritual overtones, and no complicated poses. The perfect way to start your day. Find out how moving your body mindfully and breathing mindfully can effectively improve your concentration, focus and level of happiness for the entire day.

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Learn how to help employees in your organization lower stress, build resilience, achieve better work-life balance, and be more focused and productive.

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Jim Porter, President and Founder of StressStop

Jim Porter, President and Founder of StressStop

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