About Us

Jim Porter (in white), and cameraman Matt Roberts shooting a relaxation video at the Grand Canyon in the late 1980's.

StressStop.com has been providing stress reduction and resilience-building solutions now for over 30 years. Our products are used in thousands of hospitals, and hundreds of government agencies, Fortune Five Hundred companies, schools and universities, and military bases around the world. But when we created our very first program, "The Relaxation Tape," narrated by Stuart McCalley, M.D., there was no such thing as "relaxation videos."


We began distributing it to hospitals in 1985 for their Closed-Circuit TV systems. Within a few months we were receiving inspiring letters from nurses who purchased the videos and from patients who watched them. Our video was featured on “Good Morning America” and on AP news outlets. We made two more relaxation videos and then started selling the soundtracks as CD’s. When Met Life bought 10,000 copies of A Day Away from Stress, we knew we had a hit.

As stress management has become a crucial top-level priority for so many different organizations, over the last 30 years we’ve added more audios and videos, workbooks, training kits,  online training,  presentations, and other products. Our affordably-priced products are based on the latest medical and psychological information and incorporate proven, practical techniques (like cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, problem-solving and time management) to help people understand and manage stress and even build resilience to it. In addition, these techniques work anywhere and in particular, at work, in school and even in combat.

Our mission continues to be to provide one-stop shopping for our customers’ stress management and stress management training needs. We encourage you to browse our blogs, free resources, and products. You will learn how our many and varied resources can be used effectively in corporate, government military, college, school and healthcare environments. If you’d like to talk to one of our stress management experts about specific product questions, or to place an order we can be reached at (800) 367-1604. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.