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Free Stress Management Resources

Free Stress Management Resources

Our affordably-priced products are based on the latest medical and psychological information and incorporate proven, practical techniques to help people understand, manage, and even build resilience to stress. But more importantly our goal is to empower YOU the trainer, educator, EAP, health coach, or wellness professional. We want to teach YOU what you need to know about managing stress and building resilience. So, we compiled a list of our free stress management resources here to get you started.

Stress Survey

Here's an anonymous survey that you can download that will help you identify the bottlenecks caused by stress that are keeping your organization from being more productive, healthier, and just an all around better place to work. We've also provided a version as a Word document, so you can make any changes to the survey in order to make it work better for your organization.

Download PDF     Download Word Doc


White Paper: Treating Depression with Mindfulness

In this 9-part series Jim Porter writes about a lecture he attended on MBCT or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy by the founder, Dr. Zindel Segal, at the Center for Mindfulness in Shrewsbury, Mass. This offshoot of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is designed to help patients with depression, avoid relapse. As a former depression sufferer himself, Segal's work not only helped him recover, it helped him avoid relapsing too. 


White Paper: Six Steps for Preventing Stress in the Workplace

The Six Step Stress Prevention Model is the latest thinking on how to manage stress in the workplace. It’s a model that is built on changing the structure of how individuals see stress and how they interact with it. It relies on simple time-tested strategies like journaling, planning, time management, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and resilience training that have been around for decades and have been clinically proven to be effective.


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