Stress Management, Well-being and Self-Care

Stress Management Workbooks

Effective stress management begins when you start understanding and tracking the reasons for the stress in your life. We tend to undervalue our own mental health which can lead to dis-regulation within our central nervous system. That’s why we offer clinically effective stress management products like The Stress Profiler to help regulate and monitor your levels of stress. This tool and others like it help you gain true insight into your body’s response to stress. The self-assessment comes in several versions, Adult, Student Stress, and Military Stress. Our beautifully designed workbooks offer numerous stress management and relaxation techniques, including cognitive therapy and building resilience that makes managing stress easy for you, your employees, or clients.

Self-exploration and self-care are an essential part of managing your stress. You need to know exactly where your stress is coming from. Our stress management journals not only allow you to track your stress, they also provide detailed guidance in how to manage it: They help you identify the obvious stressors and related causes, and offer effective techniques to change your thinking so your thinking is constructive and NOT destructive.