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If you are thinking of bringing MY STRESS TOOLS and/or THE ONLINE STRESS PROFILER into your business, let Jim Porter give you a guided tour. See ALL the amazing features of these mobile-friendly programs: Help employees lower stress, build resilience, feel better, and learn about such trending topics as mindfulness, meditation, emotional intelligence and time management. Plus, you’ll see how, as the administrator of this site, you can obtain aggregate data, custom reports, and most importantly see how you can implement these programs for just pennies per person per year!

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My Stress Tools

My Stress Tools includes a stress test to find out if stress could be making you sick, a journaling feature that helps you figure out exactly where your stress is coming from, relaxing music so you can take a chill-pill without any side-effects, guided relaxation to relax your whole body in minutes, short videos to laugh while you learn how to lower stress, two-minute yoga breaks where you don’t even have to get out of chair, The Resilience Coach which is only 2 minutes a day for 30 days, cognitive restructuring (Your thinking is a major source of stress), Stop Stress This Minute an online course that teaches you ten strategies for lowering your stress in minutes, webinars including work-life balance, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and podcasts with best-selling authors like Dan Goleman author of Emotional Intelligence.

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The Stress Profiler (Online Version)

Our all-time best-selling stress assessment is now available online: Find out how well you handle stress in ten key areas of your life from managing anger and worry to dealing with time pressure and financial stress. Other key areas include social support, change, resilience and stress symptoms. Once you see your results, try a variety of exercises that help you learn how to LOWER your stress and BUILD your resilience in the areas where you need it most. Then take the test again to see how much you’ve lowered your score. The Stress Profiler is self-scoring, fun, inexpensive, and is tested for reliability. It's used by thousands of employees at NASA, BLUE CROSS of NC and THE US COAST GUARD.



Our all new, mobile-friendly web portal puts dozens of different stress management and resilience tools right into the hands of every worker in your organization for as little as 50 cents per person per YEAR! Sign up for a free trial here.



The online version of our best selling product tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and gives you customized advice on how to cope with your stress. 

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