Free Promotional Sample Kit

Get a free sample of each of our best-selling promotional items. All products can be customized to include your business's logo, website, telephone number, and more. The sample kit includes:

The Stress Testing Card (paper card stock or plastic) Hold your thumb on the card and the colors tell you how stressed you are.

The 2-Dot Biodot Card Wear a biodot on the back of your hand for a day to find out who or what is making you stressed.

A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS Download the relaxation audio directly to your device using the unique code on the card.

The Meditation Tester Like a stress testing card but designed to measure your progress while meditating.

The Mini Stress Survival Kit Ten beautifully illustrated cards that give you helpful advice for how to handle stress from dealing with worry to managing anger.

The Biodot Pocket Guide 8 paneled card folds to the size of a business card. Comes with 5 biodots and lots of useful information about how to lower your stress.

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