People love Biodot Skin Thermometers ™. They're fun they're inexpensive and they really work. Peel the biodots off the sheet and wear them on the back of your hand to determine who or what is causing you stress. Use the biodots for health fairs, wellness promotions or as a gift. Because the biodots stay on your hand for up to 24 hours, you can monitor your stress while it's actually happening.

You will also receive 1 Biodot Color Code Card per sheet (100 dots) you order!

Sold in 100 dot sheets.
(1 Sheet = 100 dots, 5 sheets = 500 dots, etc.)

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20-29 (2000-2900) 30% off
30-49 (3000-4900) 32% off
50-99 (5000-9900) 34% off
100+ (10000+) 36% off

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